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 Thank you for visiting the Twin Falls County Pest  Abatement District Website!

In the Fall of 2008 the voters of Twin Falls County voted for and passed Resolution No. 2008-39 which formed a permanent Pest Abatement District in Twin Falls County (TFCPAD). To oversee the district, a board of volunteers was put in place in January 2009 which consists of five community members and two ex-officio members, one from the University of Idaho Extension Center and the other from South Central Public Health District.

The Mission of TFCPAD is to protect the health and socio-economic well being of the citizens of Twin Falls County from harmful vectors and other pests, employing environmentally sound abatement practices.

 At present the primary target of our work is with black flies and mosquitoes. We are currently doing surveillance work, submitting samples for disease testing and doing control work where appropriate. All chemical control is performed by licensed applicators, and land owners or managers are notified prior to treatment work being done.  Most of our treatments are conducted using a biological larvicide known as BTi. ( Bacillus thuringiensis v. israelensis). This product is a commercially refined product derived from soil bacteria. It forms a protein crystal that when ingested by a back fly or mosquito larvae causes death.

It is the intent of the TFCPAD to work cooperatively with individuals, groups, and other agencies towards our mission goals. We rely on public input to assist the district in identifying areas that may need monitored and treated, as well as new pest carried health threats that may affect Twin Falls County. We are also available to provide training or information to groups on dealing with mosquito and black fly issues. TFCPAD board meetings are open to the public and all transactions, surveillance activities and treatment results are available if needed.

If you have information that would benefit the district, or if there are specific ways we can collaborate with you or your agency, provide assistance to you, or address any concerns that you may have please contact me, I would love to hear from you!

Kirk Tubbs                                                                                                                  Manager TFCPAD

Contact Information :

Twin Falls County Pest Abatement                                                                                       P. O. Box AC
507 Grand View Drive South # A
Twin Falls, ID 83303-0094
(208) 733-2338