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 Bacillus thuringiensis v. israelensis (Bti)

Bit is used in a liquid or aqueous suspension form primarily for treating the canals for Black Flies. It is injected into the canal system.A dry granular product which comes on corn cob granules is used to control mosquitoes in standing water. When this granular product is broadcast, it is able to fall through the vegetation and into the water. Bti  is ingested by Black flies and mosquitoes who see it as food. It has little impact on non targets and is very safe to use!

A tote of Bti ready to be used.

You can find a copy of the product label for the liquid product at: http://www.plymouthmosquito.com/VectoBac12AS.pdf

The granular product at: http://www.myadapco.com/res/pdf/labels/VectoBac%20G%20Label.pdf

Bacillus sphericus (Bs)

This is another bacterial product used in mosquito larva control. It costs more than Bti, but will last longer if there is a high concentration of mosquito larva, due to recycling of the product from killed mosquitoes to new live larva. Bti does not do this and is a shorter lived product.

VectoLex product lables can be found at: http://publichealth.valentbiosciences.com/docs/public-health-resources/vectolex-cg--specimen-label-canada-(restricted).pdf

VectoMax product lables can be found at: http://publichealth.valentbiosciences.com/docs/public-health-resources/vectomax-sup-sup-fg---specimen-label.pdf

FourStar CRG product labels can be found at: http://www.myadapco.com/viewproduct.jsp?id=FourStar&cat=larvicides


Altosid products use Methoprene to regulate growth of mosquitoes. It is safe for fish, pets and livestock. These products are designed to slowly release methoprene into the water which prevent mosquito larva from developing into adults. The advantage in using altosid is that in standing non flowing water treatment can last from 30-150 days. It is a good choice for storm drains, birdbaths and watering troughs.

Product lables can be found at: http://www.altosid.com/pdfs/XR_spl.pdf

FourStar Briquets

This is a Bti, Bs combo product that is slowly released, we use this as a rotational product with Altosid, to treat small ponds and standing water.Product can be a 45-180 slow release briquet.

Product lables can be found a: http://www.fourstarmicrobials.com/pdfs/FourStar-Briquets180_Specimen-Label.pdf


This is a monomolecular film quickly that reduces the surface tension of the water making it difficult for the mosquito larvae and pupae to attach and causes them to drown. Emerging mosquitoes and midges are unable to fully emerge and will drown. This used on a limited basis when larva are past the treatable stage with Bti.

Product lables can be found at http://www.cmmcp.org/AGNBl.pdf


This is a new  larvicide with a naturally derived active ingredient. All formulations, developed and manufactured exclusively by Clarke, contain the patented ingredient, spinosad, a product derived from a naturally occurring soil bacterium. Naturlar™ is in a chemical class different from all other larvicides and has a unique mode of action. We will be trialing this product on a limited basis this year.

Product lables can be found at: http://www.clarke.com/images/pdf/Labels/2012Labels/natularxrt.pdf


Attractive Targeted Sugar Bait, or ATSB, is a highly effective and environmentally friendly mosquito control solution.

Product labels can be found at:http://www.kellysolutions.com/erenewals/documentsubmit/KellyData%5CSC/pesticide/Product%20Label/84813/84813-25B/84813-25B_TERMINIX_ALLCLEAR_ATSB_MOSQUITO_BAIT_CONCENTRATE_2_25_2014_11_59_14_AM.pdf