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We need your help in identifying areas that need additional monitoring and treatment. Please let us know if you are having a mosquito or Black Fly problem, or areas that you think need extra attention by filling out the form at the bottom or by contacting our office at (208) 733-2338

Where to go for help for other pest problems:

General Wildlife complaints and to borrow a cage trap Contact
Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Magic Valley region (208) 324-4359

Wildlife depredation or Wildlife damage to agriculture Contact:
USDA APHIS Wildlife Services (208) 378-5077

Loose pets or livestock Contact:
 Twin Falls County Sheriff (208) 735-1911 or the Twin Falls Animal Shelter (208) 736-2299

Rodents burrowing into Canal Banks Contact:
Twin Falls Canal Company (208) 733-6731

Weed problems Contact
 Twin Falls County Weed Department (208) 734-9000

Private Pest Control operators in Twin Falls County:
(Listing is not an endorsement, to be added to list contact us.)

Cook Pest Control Inc (208) 733-0800
Alliance Pest Mgmt (208) 731-6602
No Fly Zone (208)-469-4809
Jerry Lockwood Spraying (208)-293-7047
Organic Land And Lawncare Of Idaho (208)733-3937
Organic Solutions (208) 733-1198
Jensen Rodent Exterminator (208) 490-6097